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Become a Founder Member

Streamline is built by musicians for musicians. Founder Membership is limited to 1000 people and comes with a range of benefits in exchange for your expertise and support.

Join Streamline as a Founder Member

Founder Membership

Join today as a Founder Member and benefit from:

Lifetime discount

Limited 1000 members, £12 per year. 
(compared with £50 annual/£5 monthly standard pricing)

Insider access

Founder Members have access to panel discussions on the inner workings of the music business, with a focus on the tools, skills and strategies music creators need to succeed.


You’ll receive a fortnightly bulletin of useful industry news and key insights from around the world, straight into your inbox.

Features Updates

To make sure Founder Members get the most out of Delic features, we offer ‘how to’ workshops with the dev team to go over any new updates.

Founder Member commitments:

Monthly Surveys

Regular check-ins to let us know how you’re using Delic, completed via an online form.

Feedback session

We want to spend 30-45 minutes with you to find out more about your practice as a music creator, so that the design of Delic evolves based on your input. As part of the call, we’ll show you everything Delic can do in the process (so this one’s a benefit really)


In order to unlock your shares you’ll need to refer at least three new members over the course of the year. They can be either Creators or Contributors.

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